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The Language of Kushan
Can, must, like
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Key Phrases
Pronouns, Gender, and Case
Word Order
Articles, Adjectives, and Adverbs
Case and Number chart
Negating a sentence, negating a noun, and forming a question
Can, must, like
Other pronouns
Prepositions and Conjunctions
A little bit about myself

To express "can, to be able to" in Kushan, add the particle "oy" right after the subject.  (Tėn shoy = I can be.)
To express "to like [to]", add "rroho" right after the subject. (Tėn sha rroho = I like to be)
To express "should", put the verb in the obligative mood. (Tėnč sha = I should be)
To express "to be supposed to", put the verb in the reputative mood.
(Tėnë sha = I'm supposed to be)
To express "must, to have to", put the subject in the genitive (Like in Finnish) and the verb in the obligative.  (Tinč shakh = I have to be)
To express "to want [to]", put the subject in the genitive again and add the "rroho" from "to like [to]."  (Tėn shakh rroho = I want to be)
To express "to have permission to, may", put the subject in the genitive once again and add "oy."  (Tėn shakh oy = I may be)