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The Language of Kushan
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Key Phrases
Pronouns, Gender, and Case
Word Order
Articles, Adjectives, and Adverbs
Case and Number chart
Negating a sentence, negating a noun, and forming a question
Can, must, like
Other pronouns
Prepositions and Conjunctions
A little bit about myself

Here are the dialects that I've come up with, I'm thinking of names for them, but until then, they will be known as Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.
Dialect Alpha is the dialect displayed on this site.
Dialect Beta has the following sound changes:
-The voiceless dental stop d becomes voiced.
-The alveolar nasal n becomes dental.
-The uvular trill rr becomes alveolar.
-The alveolar tap r becomes a voiced uvular fricative.
-The front rounded vowels ( and ) become tense.
Dialect Beta has no grammar changes.
Dialect Gamma has the following sound changes:
-The sounds t, s, z, n, and ch become retroflex.
-All dental consonants (d, th) become alveolar.
-Back vowels (u, o) become retroflexed.
-The ejective s' is also retroflex.
-The ejective ch' is no longer a glottalized post-alveolar affricate, but rather a glottalized lateral retroflex affricate.
-The velar consonants k and kh are now uvular.
Dialect Gamma has the following grammatical changes:
-The plural pronouns shan, shano, and tosan have disappeared, making the listener rely on context and verb conjugations to distinguish plurality.
-The concept gender has also dissappeared, putting all words in that gender in the non-living gender.