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The Language of Kushan
Word Order
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Key Phrases
Pronouns, Gender, and Case
Word Order
Articles, Adjectives, and Adverbs
Case and Number chart
Negating a sentence, negating a noun, and forming a question
Can, must, like
Other pronouns
Prepositions and Conjunctions
A little bit about myself

As you may have noticed from the phrase and pronoun sections, the word order of Kushan is Verb-Subject-Object.  In general, when making a sentence, follow these rules:
-The only words that ever go between the verb and subject are grammatical particles used for things like negation, forming a question, etc.
- The verb is normally the first word, unless you want to stress a certain word (never a subject or object pronoun, but usually a time expression or demonstrative pronoun.) 
- The object, if there is one, always follows the subject.
So here's how the sentence structure looks.  Parenthesis indicate that the word is optional.
(Stressed word) Verb (Grammatical particles/infinitive verbs) Subject (Other particles) (Object) (Manner) (Time) (Place)